Who Can Apply

AIM is an application-based course with limited enrollment. In the Fall semester, the class is open to senior undergraduate finance majors. Spring semester enrollment typically includes a combination of MBA students, MSA students, and junior undergraduate finance majors. In all cases, enrollment is subject to the the completion of all prerequisites. Because of the importance of accounting and financial statement analysis, the professors strongly recommend that applicants also complete or enroll concurrently in an advanced accounting course, such as Accounting Measurement & Disclosure (ACCT30110, ACCT30120) for undergraduates or Corporate Financial Reporting (ACCT70120) for graduate students. Equity Valuation (FIN70610) is also highly recommended for graduate students.

How To Apply

Applications for AIM are processed through the Notre Dame Institute for Global Investing and reviewed by the AIM faculty. In addition to basic background information, the application process will ask you to submit your resume, your transcript or grade history (including all completed courses and schedule of current courses), and an essay response. For more information about the application process and deadlines, please see the NDIGI website or contact one of the AIM faculty.

Notification Of Acceptance

All accepted students will be informed the week before registration.